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Programs and Services

Behavioral Health Outpatient Program
- Individual, Family, and Play Therapy

Emergency Host Home & Foster Care

Positive Turning Points - First Time Offender Program

Parenting Through Separation and Divorce

Within My Reach

(TSET) Healthy Living

Community Resource Program

Behavioral Health Outpatient Program - Individual, Family, and Play Therapy

     Our CARF Accredited Counseling program provides services to youth, their family members and/or significant others who have, or who are at risk of, psychiatric disabilities and/or disorders, harmful involvement with alcohol or other drugs, and/or those who are experiencing other behavioral health needs. Through a team approach, the goal of the BHOP and its services is to improve the quality of life and functional ability of the person served within a framework of cultural competence and relevance. All BHOP services are provided by licensed and/or credentialed personnel who maintain high levels of professional competency within the established and accepted standards of practice in the field. Referral services are available for individuals whose needs are beyond the scope of services provided by NFS.

     Persons are eligible for Community Youth Services Counseling provided they are between the ages of 7-17 at the time of admission and/or for adults who have children and/or are the primary caregivers of children and/or are the primary caregivers of children. Children under the age of seven (7) many be eligible for services based upon qualified provider availability.

     Counseling services are provided in Alfalfa, Major, Woods Counties by appointment.


Host Home & Foster Care

     Provides temporary, emergency care of youth (birth-18) due to an exceptional incident or traumatic events which prohibits the safe return of a youth to his or her own home. Overnight care for youth is provided by certified Host / Foster homes located in Alfalfa, Major and Woods counties.


Positive Turning Points First Time Offender Program

     12 hour curriculum-based program for adolescents, preteens, and their parents. Referrals are received for this program from the Juvenile Services Unit, District Attorney's Office, school or family members. Curriculum covers:
  • Program Philosophy and Adolescent Development
  • Communication
  • Emotional regulation
  • Smart choices
  • Values and cultural awareness


Parenting Through Separation and Divorce

     Court mandated 3-hour program for divorcing parents. This program focuses on understanding and meeting the child's needs throughout this difficult transition, including emotional stages, appropriate responses, pain games, communication, problem solving, and future resources.


Within My Reach

     15 hour group based curriculum designed to help individuals recognize and build healthy, happy relationships. The program helps participants identify the four essential safety factors of a healthy relationship, recognize signs of an unhealthy relationship, and enhance communication skills.


Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET)

     TSET is a public trust created by the state of Oklahoma to manage money from settlements or lawsuits against any tobacco company. The TSET Healthy Living Grant Program seeks to lessen the burden of unhealthy behaviors before they take root. Reducing the risk factors of tobacco use and obesity. Using a comprehensive approach, we work with businesses, city governments, community organizations and schools to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco-free lifestyles.


Community Resources Program

     Our CRC works closely with school counselors and community members to identify youth ages 13-18 years old who are runaway, homeless or in at-risk/unhealthy family situations. The CRC works directly with these youth to help them develop coping skills and to provide them with the resources needed to plan and make decisions for the direction of their future. We do this through the provisions of resource information, one-on-one planning sessions and group classes.